New Reels for 2012

Welcome to the Spey Company home site. 
My 4"salmon spey reels are now out of stock very sorry you missed out on the 2011 run but the good news is  
Next release date will be late May 2012  Please add your email on the private store list so you can see the new reels when released.


* The Reels are machined in the U.S.A. from solid  6061 T6 aluminum.

* Spools are designed using a 1/3 arbor to ensure the ample line and backing space required for spey fishing, and are exposed on one side of frame on all models for feather palming.

* Cages are fully 4th axis machined.

* Gears and pawls cut from Hardened Tool Steel.

* externally and internally adjustable bi -tension drag system on plate models.

*internally adjustable on The Snake Roll models.

* left and right checking systems and single action.

* Stainless steel pawl posts with a thread and nut application for a longer lasting post stability.

* Lifetime limited warranty.


*  Black

*  White

* Marbled Grey.


*  Hard brass foot adds 1 oz to reel weight, counter weight , and handle cup

*  6061 T6 aluminum foot , counter weight , and handle cup


* Hard Coat III Anodized to a dark machine gun matte black finish. Hard Coat III is the second hardest substance in the world, preceded only by diamond. This coating will not scratch off.

* Raw; just left up the mother nature to patina.

* Electro-Clear coated to preserve the natural beauty of the material.

* Glass beaded sandblast, non-reflective.


* ABEC-7 STAINLESS STEEL ball bearings

* NEW For 2010 Abec 7 IGUS Composite bearing very light, very strong


* Hard Brass      adds 3 0z

* Titanium 6Al-4V adds 2 oz

* 316 Stainless Steel adds 2 oz

* T-6 6061 Aluminum "Base listed reel weights"


* Any Spey Co Reel can be upgraded with the classic"S" handle.

Bull Bog 5052 Aluminum

316 Stainless steel Snake Roll

Snake Roll 6061 Aluminum 

Single Spey          3" x 1" spool gap 5/8"
River Switch         3 3/4"   spool gap 1 1/8"
Skandi Spey       4" x 1 1/2" spool gap 1"
symmetry Skagit   4" x 1 7/8 " spool gap 1 1/8 "
Symmetry Spey    4"x 2 1/8" spool gap 1 1/2 "
River Spey            4 1/4" x 2 1/8" spool gap 1 1/2 "

Weights vary via material used by design. Now you will never have to fish with a tip heavy rod again. Just by changing the different face plate and foot options, you can gain perfect rod to reel balance.

Single Spey            4.3 0z to 7.5 oz
River Switch          8.7 oz to 10.5 oz
Circle Spey             10.8 to 11.8          
Skandi Spey            11. 5 0z. to 13.5 oz.
symmetry Skagit     12 oz. to 15.5 0z. 
Symmetry Spey      13.5 oz. to 17.5 oz. 
River Spey             14.5 oz. to 18.5 oz


Single Spey              72.2 mm x 25.4   mm spool gap 19.5 mm
Skandi Spey           101.6 mm x 38.1 mm spool gap 25.5 mm
Symmetry Skagit      101.6 mm x 48.2 mm spoolgap 28.3 mm 
Symmetry Spey        101.6 mm X 53.3 mm spool gap 36.5 mm
River Spey                111.7 mm x 53.3 mm spool gap 36.5 mm


Single Spey           7/9 foot single handed rods
Switch Reel        10/12 foot spey rods
Skandi Spey       12/13 foot spey rods
Symmetry Skagit  13/14 foot spey rods
Symmetry Spey    14/16 foot spey rods
River Spey            15/18 foot spey rods


Single Spey   115 yds. of WF3F line, 100 yds. of WF4F line, 75 yds. of DT-3 line. All with 20 lb. backing.

Skandi  Spey 180 #30 pound gel spun +100 yards varivas+36' Rio AFS 6/7 400grain
150 yds of #30 dacron and a 6/7 CND GPS

Symmetry Skagit Rio windcutter 8/9/10 + 175 #30 dacron
Skagit head + 100 varivas + 250 yards #30 dacron

Symmetry Spey Rio windcutter 9/10/11 +200 yards #30 dacron
Rio Mid Spey 9/10 +175 yards #30 dacron
Next cast long belly 9/10 + 150 yards #30dacron

River Spey Rio Mid Spey 10/11 + 300 yards #30 dacron
Rio xlt +250 yards #30 dacron
Double taper +200 yards #30 dacron

NEW FOR 2009

Production on the trout reels (Single Spey) has begun and reel are in stock. - I believe anything worth doing is worth doing right and this simply takes time. If you are interested in other smaller sized reels, please contact me. I will place your name on the waiting list and contact you when the reels are ready to assemble. There is no need for a down payment at this time. I will simply email you when I have completed the pieces and at that time, you will be able to choose the finish and hardware. I will be machining out 3" and 3.75" trout/switch/spey reels. The list will work the same as with the spey reels; on a first come/first serve basis.

I believe this new line of reels will be a perfect match to meet your bamboo fly rod, switch rod and light spey rod needs. I am very excited to be offering these directly to you, and you know that I will working very hard to meet the demand.

The Simple Beauty of The Click and Pawl Reel

In the long history of fly fishing reels the oldest and most reproduced drag system has been the click and pawl/pawled or clicker fly reels, how ever you state this system. It comes to this, it is the adage of a gear and a offset triangular piece of steel driven by a spring hitting against the gear to stop over spooling,simple but effective. I think they had it right all those year ago.If you fish for salmon and steelhead;Do it with a click checked reel. There are many reasons for this. First, and most importantly, it is more fun! And that, for me, is what it's all about - there is nothing better than fishing a tight line to a good reel. After you fish with a checking reel you will never go back. The fish can run, fight and jump, tantalizing your eyes and making your heart race and your reflexes tense, but with the aid of the audible check, it brings yet another of your sense to the party.

Second, I have found disc drags to be too sensitive because by turning the knob too loose there is potentially a mess from over spool. If it is too tight, you may have the dreaded "head shake" on the surface, then out comes the hook, then out come the swear words *#!!$#^% . With a click drag system, it is a "set it and forget it" idea. It only needs to be set to stop over spooling and no mechanical drag is as reactive as the anger. Now the fish can come and take the fly, turn in the water column increasing positive hook ups in the corner of the mouth, rather than on the top, resulting in fewer lost fish. I discovered this after my first spey reel (a fantastic, state of the art disc drag) was replaced with a checking reel. After I made this change, my lost fish count dropped dramatically.

These first models are the result of over five years of research and dedication of the promotion of the click and pawl reel. They were built for spey fishermen, by a spey fisherman.